А.Б. Давидсон. Сесиль Родс. А.Б. Давидсон. Сесиль Родс.

A. Davidson. Cecil Rhodes. A. Davidson. Cecil Rhodes.
Publisher: PROTEA BOEKHUIS,2003 ISBN: 9781919825243 Pages: 391

To the palate accustomed to the dry, astringent wine served up by British historians, Davidson's brew may seem a little heady, but to the ordinary reader it will make refreshing change and the scholarly value of the book is in no way diminished by his method. (The Sunday Mail, Harare.)

A major study which uses a multitude of archive and other little-known materials to recreate the tumultuous atmosphere of the time, and to highlight key philisophical and moral issues ... (Novy Mir, Moscow.)

South Africa and the Communist International: a Documentary History South Africa and the Communist International: a Documentary History
LCCN: 2002041405
ISBN: 0714652806 (v. 1)
ISBN: 0714652814 (v. 2)
Includes bibliographical references and index
Incomplete contents: v. 1. Socialist pilgrims to Bolshevik footsoldiers, 1919-1930 -- v. 2. Bolshevik footsoldiers to victims of bolshevisation, 1931-1939

The editors havemade a judicious selection of 193 primary documents from the Comintern's archive that carry the story of South African communism from its birth to the end of the 1930s. The documents are transcribed into English, provided with precise citations, obscure names and pseudonyms identified, and distant events and organizations described... John Earl Haynes

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